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Trinity college
Maria Bellido

Since 2011, L’Estudi Musical, in collaboration with the other music schools of the AGEMP (Girona Association of Private Music Schools), has been offering the chance to study and sit the examinations for the TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON music certificates.

Based in London, Trinity is the non-profit organisation which offers a large number of internationally-recognised music and English certificates, which come within the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).  It has a great reputation for offering qualifications, always seeking innovation and giving candidates the capacity for choice and individuality. They currently hold 500,000 examinations a year in over 60 countries.
The range of music courses is very extensive, in order to guarantee that every student can enrol in the one that suits him or her the best:
Grade examinations (8 levels): for music school students of instruments who follow a programme of structured studies.
Theory examinations (8 levels): these are the perfect supplement for the instrument grades which provide harmonic and music theory skills.
Certificate examinations (3 levels): for students who are not following structured studies and who are concentrating on learning the instrument.
Diploma examinations (3 levels): for semi-professional or professional musicians who wish to study different areas in depth.
The examiners are teachers and expert musicians who come especially from the United Kingdom and who help the student in the entire examination process.
In collaboration with the other AGEMP schools, every year a ceremony is held where the qualifications are awarded by a guest of recognised prestige in the world of music.
The special guests in recent years have been:
2011: Barry Lynam – President of Trinity College Spain
2012: Marcel Sabaté - Conductor of the GIOrquestra
2013: Albert Guinovart – Musician and Composer
Further information on TRINITY and its courses here

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