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Maria Bellido

L’Estudi Musical is a school open to everyone. We offer classes for students of all ages, all levels and different nationalities who want to devote themselves to music at both professional and amateur levels.

L’Estudi Musical opened its doors in 2001 at La Devesa in Girona, with a very clear philosophy: to offer musical training in its widest sense and with the maximum quality.
That is why we offer classes for everyone, from babies to boys and girls, adults and even elderly people. And to do this, we have a team of top-level teachers, all highly qualified and with wide teaching and concert experience. Also, the training and origin of some of them enables us to offer classes in several languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Italian and Russian.
Many studies demonstrate the importance and benefits of learning music, whether for a future professional career or just as a hobby. To learn, the student’s motivation and progress are basic, and in this regard we offer very friendly treatment and a constant relationship with the parents in order to achieve this. In addition, all the courses are supplemented with recitals open to the parents and the general public, which makes it possible to follow their progress and for the students to gain confidence.
At a personal level, I am lucky enough to chair the AGEMP (Girona Association of Private Music Schools), an association created in 2010 to join forces for the purpose of improving musical education in the city. One of AGEMP’s main successes has undoubtedly been the chance to study for the qualifications of Trinity College London, the only musical qualifications approved internationally. In this regard, we have been an examination centre since 2011 and we are very happy because the students have always passed the examinations with good marks.
If you want to learn music (you or your children), don’t think twice. At L’Estudi Musical our doors are open and all the means of communication (telephone, e-mail, website) are at your disposal to inform you and advise you on whatever you may need.
We look forward to meeting you!
Maria Bellido
Director of L’Estudi Musical

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